Discovering the outsiders


Setting the stage for the next generation


                                        Rodney Sawyerr

 Designer | Artist | Creative director| Stylist| 

          Rodney Sawyerr  is a twenty-three year old African American fashion designer residing in the Maryland area. As a child he developed his own unique sense of style and mindset. He was always intrigued with the construction and textiles of garments due to the heavy exposure of fashion at a young age. Rodney’s family originates from Sierra Leone West Africa, this aspect has a large influence on his style and character. He has done it all from building his own clothing brand, creating his own concepts, directing shoots, and even styling clients. 



       At the beginning of 2014 Rodney began developing his own clothing brand entitled ‘The Outsiders’. The concept of the brand pertains to living outside the social norm and completely expressing individuality; also aspects of pride and empowerment in one’s self. ‘The Outsiders’ is a high end clothing brand that incorporates various textiles and presents them in unorthodox ways. The garments are specifically designed and modified to express a mysterious yet clean look. It is more than a clothing brand it’s a lifestyle and mentality. The brand officially launched with two collections on August 9, 2015. The first collection was entitled “Reclusive”, second “Cultural”. Each collection had it’s own personality & identity. As soon as the brand launched, it took off. Showcasing for numerous universities like Howard University, Frostburg State University, & George Mason University. From Colleges to showcasing for New York Fashion week, and then Boston En Vogue.